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Video: Terrifying Moment When a Wolf at the Zoo Attacks a 2-Year-Old


"It is not aggressive and acts like a dog."

A family walking with their toddler at a Serbian zoo got the scare of a lifetime when a leashed wolf lunged for the 2-year-old.

Strolling down the path at Belgrade Zoo, the little girl and the wolf appear to make eye contact. Then, seemingly unprovoked, the animal attacked, biting the girl.

According to In Serbia, the girl was taken to the hospital with some swelling, bruises and a minor cut on her back. She went home after two days.

The incident occurred in April but video of the attack was released more recently. Check it out:

In an earlier report, In Serbia noted that the wolf was 10 months old and in an area of the zoo for "baby" animals. Walking cubs on leashes in this area is common practice.

“It is a polar wolf that was manually brought up and fed, it is not aggressive and acts like a dog," Vuk Bojovic, the director of the zoo, told Blic. "Otherwise, any individual that is aggressive is not released from its cage. We have been in contact with parents and we will offer help if needed."


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