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Houston Man Arrested After He Stripped Naked and Did the 'Beyonce


"Everybody is videoing it, but nobody stops to make sure he was okay."

(Image source: screengrab via KHOU-TV)

A Houston man is under arrest after he stripped, stepped onto the median of a busy intersection, and started busting out a round-up of modern dance moves.

“He was doing the Beyonce, the surf board, twerking, the Nae Nae," one onlooker told KHOU-TV. "Every dance that’s out there right now, he was doing.”

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(Image source: screengrab via KHOU-TV) (Image source: screengrab via KHOU-TV)

The bizarre performance took place around noon on May 8, KHOU-TV reported.

“I think it’s sickening. It’s disgusting. It’s gross. It’s nasty,” one neighbor told the TV station.

The man's cousin called out onlookers for enjoying the show without stepping in to help.

“I have a problem with that," the cousin told KHOU-TV. "Everybody is videoing it, but nobody stops to make sure he was okay."

The cousin said the man had been using embalming fluid to get high, which is likely what led to him dancing naked in the intersection.

The man's family members eventually got him off the street.

Family members reported that he had been taken into custody by Houston police and would undergo a mental evaluation.

(H/T: Time)

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