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Adam Carolla Says He Called Out NPR's Attempt to 'Ambush' Him in Truly Epic Fashion: 'We’ll See If He Has the Balls to Air It\


"So don't try to paint me into this white privilege bulls**t ... I'm never going to buy into it, I lived it!"

Source: AdamCarolla.com

In preparation for an interview with Adam Carolla, NPR allegedly dug up what the news outlet thought would be controversial audio from the comedian’s podcast. It was apparently a recording of someone doing a highly stereotypical Asian voice.

Source: AdamCarolla.com Adam Carolla and Jo Koy (Source: AdamCarolla.com)

Carolla says NPR thought it was him. It wasn’t.

The person behind the voice was actually comedian Jo Koy, who just happens to be Asian. Carolla revealed on his podcast Monday that he wasn’t shy about calling out NPR for the poorly planned “gotcha” attempt.

“I said, ‘Well, I appreciate you trying to ambush me, but that wasn’t me. That’s Jo Koy, who happens to be Asian, and the guy, he muttered… ‘Well, that helps.’ We’ll see if he has the balls to air it,” Carolla said.

He also claimed he told NPR to “do your research next time” they want to interview him and insinuate he is racist. The comedian did not identify who at NPR conducted the interview.

It will be interesting to see if that particular segment is included in the NPR interview, which Carolla says has yet to air.

Carolla also addressed his interview with left-leaning Salon.com, which pressed him on the racial makeup of comedians and his feelings about gays. He said it has become common that news outlets attempt to “ambush” him during interviews.

"It's incredible that you're doing a finger-pointing thing about you and your stereotypes, but you're constantly working in the 'white male' part," Carolla said, reflecting on his recent interviews. "I cleaned out f***ing garbage on a construction site. For the love of f***ing christ, I cleaned carpets before that."

"By the way, I'm you're worst nightmare. I'm the guy whose mom was on welfare, I'm the guy who got the free lunch meals over at the school, I'm the guy who got the government cheese, and I'm the guy who picked up garbage on the construction sites, and I'm the guy who was told, 'you can't be an L.A. fireman because you're a white male' ... So don't try to paint me into this white privilege bulls**t ... I'm never going to buy into it, I lived it!"

Listen to the segment below (Warning! Some strong language):

(H/T: Breitbart)

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