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Run N*****, Run': Witnesses Claim Judge Slapped Man With Special Needs, Hurled Racial Slur


"This is 2014, not 1960."

A Mississippi judge is under fire after witnesses say he slapped a young man who has special needs and yelled a racial slur as the 20 year old fled the scene in fear.

Judge Bill Weisenberger was apparently working a second job as a security guard at a local flea market May 8 when he allegedly smacked Eric Rivers and then said, "Run n*****, run," leading to an outcry and calls for his resignation.

Local NAACP president William Truly is among those asking that Weisenberger step down from his position as judge. Truly is also urging officials to investigate the incident as a hate crime, according to Inquisitr.

"For what other reason would you choose an African American and strike him, and kick him and say ‘run n***** run,'" Truly asked. "This is 2014, not 1960."

At the time of the purported incident, Rivers was apparently helping a vender unload her merchandise -- a common job at the flea market for people looking to pick up some extra cash. He was apparently trying to save enough money for a bicycle.

Truly told The Clarion-Ledger that a grand jury in Madison County will likely hear the case and he plans to file complaints with the Judicial Performance Commission as well as the Justice Department and the state attorney general's Vulnerable Adult Unit.

A screen shot from Judge Bill Weisenberger (Image credit: Judge Bill Weisenberger) A screen shot from Judge Bill Weisenberger (Image credit: Judge Bill Weisenberger)

Weisenberger has not officially responded to the claims waged against him.

(H/T: Inquisitr.com)

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