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The MSNBC interview that was so awkward Morgan Freeman stopped to ask the host, 'What are you doing?


"I'm so distracted by your melodic tones, I can't think."

Image: MSNBC screen capture

MSNBC, the cable news outlet of NBC/Universal does not exactly hide the fact that politically it leans to the left, the far left. The network's obvious dedication to the cause of the Democrats is also recognized in the cable news industry. Earlier this week, CNN host Anthony Bourdain railed against his competitor's obsession with daily rants about "stupid Republican morons."

The political myopia of the also-ran network is not the channel's only problem. Witness MSNBC anchor Thomas Roberts totally lose his focus and concentration during an interview with Morgan Freeman.

Freeman was in New York City on a promotional tour for the Science Channel series, "Through The Wormhole." The Oscar-winner was on "Morning Joe," talking about the possibility that the ocean is a sentient being, asking Roberts, "What does it think of us? What will happen down the road, if we keep doing what we're doing?"

A stunned Roberts did not respond immediately. He appeared to be entranced, and admitted to just that. After a short, uncomfortable pause, the news anchor finally gathered his composure and found the words to tell Freeman, "I don't know. I'm so distracted by your melodic tones, I can't think."

Freeman seemed taken aback and asked, "Thomas, what are you doing?" Roberts fumbled a bit more, talking about Freeman's voice before finally managing to put together a sentence about the oceans.

Watch the surreal exchange here.

Is this any way to run a network?

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