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The Revolutionary New Piece of Gun Technology That Some Are Calling 'Scary' and Others Are Praising as 'F***ing Sweet


Science fiction becomes reality.

A new Google Glass app currently in its testing phase is arguably one of the coolest gun accessories in decades.

The app is called ShotView, and it will apparently give users the ability to shoot accurately around corners, from unsupported positions, behind the back and over barricades when paired with the right firearm. The potential for this technology to be utilized in the military is glaringly obvious.

Tracking Point Tracking Point

Don’t get too excited, though. The technology firm behind ShotView, Tracking Point, told the Huffington Post that it has no plans to make the Google Glass app available to consumers. You can, however, download the same app for use with smartphones and tablets.

In a promotional video, Tracking Point explains that a weapon’s scope is first equipped with a camera, which then streams video via WiFi to a connected device — in this case, Google Glass.

Check out the app in action:

The reactions to the revolutionary technology have been somewhat mixed on the Internet.

"This is scary," one YouTube user wrote.

"F***ing sweet," another commented.

Others called the technology "amazing," "cool" and "fascinating."

"This is TOTALLY for the military," one YouTube user replied.

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