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Mark Cuban Reveals His 'Selfish' Fairytale Ending for the NBA Finals — and It Involves Someone Walking Off the Court and Never Coming Back


"I want him to hit the game-winning shot."

(Source: YouTube)

DALLAS — NBA owner Mark Cuban has a fairytale ending in mind when it comes to this year's NBA Finals between the San Antonio Spurs and the Miami Heat — and it involves someone walking off the court and never returning.

"I want [Spurs player] Tim Duncan to hit a game-winning shot in game seven — so a game seven so that's good for the NBA business — and I want him to hit the game-wining shot, run off the court down the runway, celebrate, never to be seen on the basketball court again 'cause he retires at that very moment," Cuban told TheBlaze Friday.

He admitted it's a selfish desire, "because I want a lot of those guys to retire." Cuban's Dallas Mavericks have had a longstanding rivalry with their in-state cousins.

Still, Cuban's cheering for them this time around.

As for the Heat, Cuban said he never feels bad for them,  but still thinks criticism of LeBron James' cramping controversy during Thursday night's opening game in the finals was "unfair."

The air conditioning at AT&T Center failed in the early stages of the game, eventually leading to temperatures reaching 90 degrees on the court. James -- who is prone to cramping -- had to be helped off the floor in the fourth quarter and left the game. He's faced criticism by some for not playing through the injury.

But not from Cuban.

"You ever have a cramp?" Cuban -- an entrepreneur who also stars on the hit ABC show "Shark Tank" -- asked. "You can't walk, you can't move."

"It's unfair criticism of LeBron," he added. "I felt bad for him. I never feel bad for the Heat … but I did feel bad for LeBron."

The Spurs went on to win the game.

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