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Seven of Homeschooling Family's Kids Did Something Unbelievably Impressive by the Time They Turned 12


"...who’s more loving than a mom and dad teaching them things?"

Amid ongoing debate over Common Core and the effectiveness of the public education system, a Christian couple recently published a new book outlining their blueprint for successfully sending seven of their 10 children to college by the age of 12.

In "The Brainy Bunch Book," parents Mona Lisa and Kip Harding of Montgomery, Alabama, explain how their seven children were home-schooled and ended up heading to college while most of their peers were still navigating middle school.

The parents share their wisdom and experience, while answering the natural question: How did you accomplish such an unbelievable feat?

Apparently motivated by their Christian faith and an urge to help their kids succeed, the Hardings turned to homeschooling -- and that their children started flourishing.

Just consider their kids' astounding academic and professional accomplishments. Among the seven who went to college early, there's a doctor, an architect and an engineer. Here are just three of the Harding kids' profiles:

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The others are still studying, though they've chosen diverse career paths. One wants to be a scholar of the Middle Ages and another wants to be a musician and composer, just to offer a few examples.

And the remaining three children who haven't yet gone on to college appear to be on their way to doing just that, according to the book's website.

"We didn't have this great plan,'' Mona Lisa Harding recently told "Today." "It just kind of happened. We started homeschooling, and it was very efficient. Kids have to be educated, and as they accelerated, we had to find another option because they outdid me very young."

The Hardings say their children are happy that the success they've seen in them is something "any parent can achieve." They are hoping the book helps guide families along that path.

"This practical, positive book reveals the many parenting strategies that Mona Lisa and Kip use -- how they make family decisions, socialize their kids, provide experiences that go beyond the home, and, of course, how they educate all their children," explains an official description.

Kip Harding recently told KSL-TV that homeschooling has allowed him and Mona Lisa to focus on each child's needs.

“One teacher has 30 students on average,” Kip said. “We can do better than that. Kids get left behind in a classroom," he told the outlet. "This is where homeschooling really takes off because those kids are getting extra attention. And who’s more loving than a mom and dad teaching them things?"

Read more about the family here.

(H/T: Christian Post)

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