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What Police Discovered Under a Child's Bed Was So 'Scary' It Might Give Him the Right to Believe Bad Things Hide in His Room


"The heart pounds when you don't know...."

A boogie man hiding under the bed. That's the stuff of children's nightmares — but one New Jersey child might have more standing than most to fear those cryptic noises emitting in the middle of the night.

Police say they discovered a homeless man armed with a knife hiding under a child's bed early Thursday morning, after the mom called 911 when she heard rattling and sensed the presence of another person in her home, WABC-TV reported.

"I picked the billy club up that I keep by my bed when my husband is away, and I got up from the bed, dialed 911 and turned the hall light on," she said. "It's scary when you have two kids and your husband's not home. The heart pounds when you don't know who's in your home and what they're there for."

When police arrived at the Fair Lawn home, they found Kenneth Webb, 56, who allegedly had a jewelry box and some change on him, according to WABC. The 56-year-old had cut through the screen to gain entry to the house, police said.

Thankfully, however, the 6-year-old boy was sleeping with his mom and baby sister in another room at the time of the incident.

Webb was charged by authorities with two counts of burglary and unlawful possession of a weapon. He is being held on $35,000 bail, WABC reported.

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