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Twist of Fate Reunites Ex-Cop With Someone He Encountered 52 Years Earlier: ‘It Was Kind of Like Karma’


"...like it was meant to be."

After falling ill while attending a funeral, a former Canadian police officer was nursed back to health last week by a woman he helped deliver 52 years earlier.

Officer Gordon Cameron was attending the funeral for the three Royal Canadian Mounted Police officers shot dead by a gunman earlier this month, when the 81-year-old became ill and had to be rushed to the hospital, the CBC reported.

That's when a twist of fate had him face-to-face with a blast from his past.

Nurse Terri Ward, who Cameron had helped deliver decades ago, greeted him at the and stayed at his bedside as he recovered.

“First thing she got to me said, ‘don’t worry. I’ll be checking on you making sure everything is okay,’” Cameron told the CBC.

52 years prior Cameron was on his first time on patrol car duty when he chased down a speeding car headed toward a hospital. When the vehicle stopped, a man got out yelling that his wife was having a baby. As he ran to get help from the hospital, Cameron stayed with the woman.

“I opened up the back door and I heard this lady, laying on her back and saying, ‘don’t just stand there, hand me my baby,’” Cameron recalled to the CBC.

Now, decades later, the two were finally reunited.

“It was neat how this went full circle, like it was meant to be,” Ward added. “He met me at the hospital and helped me, because apparently he helped deliver me ... and I was able to be here for him when his family was so far away. It was kind of like karma.”

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