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See the Otherworldly-Looking Discovery Made by Overnight UPS Worker That’s Being Described as ‘F***ing Horrifying’


"Flying nightmare, that's what that is."

Source: entnemdept.ufl.edu

A Reddit user who is apparently an overnight UPS worker claims to have found an absolutely terrifying-looking insect while at work. He shared a photo of the creature on Tuesday and it quickly began spreading across the Internet.

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Before you claim a hoax, the insect was quickly identified by Reddit sleuths. The creature appears to be a male Corydalus cornutus, also known as the eastern dobsonfly.

The large insect is found in eastern North America and are among the top invertebrate predators in the streams where they generally live. The eastern dobsonfly are also apparently used by anglers as bait.

eastern_dobsonfly07 Source: entnemdept.ufl.edu

"I'm assuming the Latin name means 'f***ing horrifying,'" one Reddit user commented.

"They're insane looking, but pretty much harmless," another user, who immediately recognized the insect, wrote.

Yet another user came up with his own name for the creature: "Flying nightmare, that's what that is."

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