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Video: Fired-Up Montel Williams Breaks Down on Live TV Over the VA Scandal


"We are happy to send more boys off to die and then not keep our promise when they come home."

Disgusted by a lack of progress on the problems with the Veterans Administration, a charged-up and at times emotional Montel Williams on Tuesday returned to Neil Cavuto's show to address the situation and offer some solutions -- one of which included shutting down the entire VA.

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The retired lieutenant commander offered a series of suggestions and solutions to the VA problem and even broke down when he talked about reports that as many as 22 vets commit suicide per day:

Cavuto asked Williams if the bills passed last week by the House and Senate were sufficient to solve the current problem. The answer was an emphatic, "No, no, no … it's 90 days before they implement anything!"

Williams explained his idea for a VA "surge" in VA resources and then followed that a few suggestions on who should be running the VA. His top choice would be a team led by Ken Fisher of Fisher Houses and also including Adm. Ed Straw:

But during the 10-minute interview Williams also flirted with the idea of shutting down the entire VA system. It's a suggestion he knows wouldn't be popular: "A lot of people would be losing their jobs in the next 60 days."

Cavuto wondered if Williams thought the VA was too big. Williams agreed: "It's too big. And we've created a structure again, where if you can't fire someone, we got a problem."

Williams continued his rant, "When a group of people can vote themselves a bonus just for keeping track of numbers they lie about?"

He closed by stating, "We need to shut this organization down. That's part of my surge, my friend."

Watch the entire interview with Neil Cavuto and Montel Williams below:

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