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Are Brazilian Fans Faking Disabilities to Get World Cup Seats?


"There are special parking spots in hell for them."

Brazilians are well-known for their love of soccer, and as demand outstrips supply, tickets for some World Cup matches are being forced onto the black market.

Now, it seems, some able-bodied Brazil fans are posing as disabled to get into games.

"Police are looking into pictures from CCTV and social media which show supposedly wheelchair-bound Brazil fans standing during the opening game of the tournament in Sao Paulo, between the hosts and Croatia," the Telegraph reported. "Police believe some fans who bought tickets on the black market may have tried to cover their tracks by using wheelchairs to enter the stadium."

Police are also investigating instances of young people occupying seats reserved for retired persons, the Telegraph reported.

People are not responding kindly to the alleged fraud, with one Twitter user writing, "There are special parking spots in hell for [the alleged fraudsters]."

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