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Compare How 820 Different Jobs Pay on One Massive Chart

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Wondering how your earnings stack up against everyone else in the 820 different professional categories tracked by the Bureau of Labor Statistics?

Using BLS data, Reddit user Dan Ling compiled the chart you've been waiting for.

Medical professionals, denoted in hot pink, dominate the upper reaches of the chart, with the top-earning anesthesiologists raking in average annual wages of $235,100.

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Chief executives, with average annual wages of $178,400, are the first non-medical entry on the list, coming in at No. 10. Lawyers don't show up until No. 21.

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For all the talk of teachers being underpaid, education professionals (in purple on the chart) seem to be doing pretty well: many postsecondary instructors brought in average annual wages above $80,000, and elementary and middle school teachers topped $56,000.

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It seems most teachers beat the median household income for the U.S., which is around $53,000 annually.

Education administrators at the elementary and secondary school levels earned average annual wages of $90,700 — close to twice as much as the teachers they manage.

Skilled laborers (in lighter brown), such as plumbers and electricians, congregated in the vicinity of $50,000.

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The bottom of the list was dominated by food service workers, in green — fast-food cooks held the bottom spot with average annual earnings under $19,000.

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See the full (really long) list here.

(H/T: The Atlantic)

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