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Frustrated Blaze radio host has a novel idea to secure his wife's foreign grandmother a lengthy visit

The Morning Blaze with Doc Thompson airs from 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. ET Monday through Friday.

Wednesday morning on Doc Thompson’s radio show, the host shared a personal story that also magnifies the crazy situation currently taking place along America's southern border.


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Doc and his wife Yuna are expecting their first child, and are arranging the travel for Mrs. Thompson’s Korean grandmother “Halmoni” to visit America in the coming months.

Years ago, Mrs. Thompson and her mother legally emigrated from South Korea. However, Grandmother Halmoni did not leave Korea. She has always considered Doc’s wife Yuna to be the apple of her eye. Halmoni cannot wait to witness the birth of the great-grandbaby, and has been planning on coming to America for an extended visit that would coincide with the baby’s birth.

While attempting to get her visa, Halmoni discovered that she would only be able to visit the United State for 90 days, less than she was hoping to help her grand-daughter, and welcome her great-grandson into the world.

An obviously frustrated Thompson went on to say that it would be easier to simply fly Halmoni to Mexico, and have her cross into the country illegally.

“They’ll even fly her to us once she is picked up!” ranted the radio host.

You can hear Thompson’s frustration in the audio attached below. The visa discussion starts at 1:14:17.

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