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The Scenario Glenn Beck Imagined Involving His Young Son and the Border That Had Him Weeping


"There's no one to hold him and to say, 'It's going to be okay.'"

BROWNSVILLE, TX - JUNE 18: Detainees sleep in a holding cell at a U.S. Customs and Border Protection processing facility, on June 18, 2014, in Brownsville,Texas. Brownsville and Nogales, Ariz. have been central to processing the more than 47,000 unaccompanied children who have entered the country illegally since Oct. 1. Pool/Getty Images

Glenn Beck grew extremely emotional on his radio program Wednesday, weeping as he imagined his 9-year-old son as one of the roughly 60,000 underage refugees estimated to be crossing into America illegally in 2014.

Speaking with Rabbi Irwin Kula, Beck began by asking who "these people in Washington" are who only see the collective, not the individual, and will "sacrifice individuals for the greater good, in their own terms."

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