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Election Loser's Bizarre Claim About Longtime U.S. Rep Who Soundly Beat Him


“Many things have been said about me, said to me during course of my campaigns..."

Timothy Murray. (Image source:

After receiving only 5.2 percent of the vote in this weeks' Oklahoma's Republican primary for U.S. Representative to Congress, Tim Murray hatched a plan to unseat the victor, longtime Rep. Frank Lucas.

Murray claims that Lucas...isn't really Lucas. Therefore, Murray should get his votes, reported KFOR-TV in Oklahoma City.

The real Lucas was "executed by The World Court on or about Jan. 11, 2011 in Southern Ukraine" and "has been displayed by a look alike," according to Murray's campaign website.

Timothy Murray. (Image source:  Timothy Murray. (Image source: KFOR-TV)

Murray said he intended to contest Lucas' victory in District 3 and had until 5 p.m. central time on Friday to file a petition. While the Oklahoma State Election Board confirmed Murray forwarded a document to some election officials on Friday, it didn't meet "legal requirements for a petition for recount or petition alleging irregularities," and therefore Murray didn't meet the deadline. Murray didn't return any messages for comment from KFOR, the station noted.

Lucas — if it's really him — told KFOR that it "does come as kind of a shock to read that you’re not you."

U.S. Rep. Frank Lucas...or not? (Image source: KFOR-TV) U.S. Rep. Frank Lucas...or not? (Image source: KFOR-TV)

He added that he's faced Murray in past elections, noting that he was "the Democratic nominee for Congress two years ago." In the 2012 general election Lucas got more than 75 percent of the vote while Murray tallied 20 percent.

"This time," Lucas noted, "he chose to run as a Republican."

Didn't work, apparently. Lucas received 82.8 percent of the vote in this year's primary, easily besting Murray.

“Many things have been said about me, said to me during course of my campaigns," Lucas quipped. "This is the first time I’ve ever been accused of being a body double or a robot."

Murray refers to himself as "Ambassador, Hon. Timothy Ray Murray" on his website, noting that he was a "Youth Diplomat for U.S. Mission for The United Nations, 1978" and was "awarded honor status by U.S. Presidents Nixon, Ford and others." As for stated achievements, Murray included the following on his site:

Requested and obtained removal, from humans, of an illegal de-human chip from persons abroad and in armed forces use. Helped block the 7th day Legislation in the ‘70’s that would put the 666 de-human chip in every person on earth. In prevention of the fore-mentioned, it was sealed with The People, The U.S. President, and The U.S. Supreme Court at that time and since that time.


Requested and obtained in 2013, Protection from partial or whole life placement on Starship without the knowledge and or will of any person(s) on Earth or in Space, and the storage of partial human size life on Earth or in this Solar system. This matter is sealed with The People, The U.S. President, and The U.S. Supreme Court.

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