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The tiny invention that could save countless kids from dying in hot cars…and it's made by an 11-year-old


"I'm hoping if I can save one life with my invention, I can say that my invention was successful."

(Source: EZBabySaver.com)

With news of the father who is accused of leaving his 22-month-old child to die in a hot car, parents are likely searching like crazy for anything that can help prevent the same thing from accidentally happening to their child. Luckily, there's Andrew Pelham.

Pelham is only 11 but has come up with a simple invention to help make sure parents never forget their children in hot cars. It's called the E-Z Baby Saver and it attaches to the handle of the driver's door and serves as an unmistakable reminder that prevents the driver from getting out of the car (although not completely). It's made with duct tape and rubber bands, and Pelham even gives away the instructions on how to make it on his site.

(Source: EZBabySaver.com) (Source: EZBabySaver.com)

Pelham won second place in The Rubber Band Contest for Young Inventors, securing second place and earning $500. He took that money and created his product's website, reports WKRN-TV.

But the best part is the satisfaction the Nashville-area native gets from saving lives.

"I just want to save one life, and then I cay say my idea was successful," he told the station:

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