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Blaze Poll: If Boehner files suit against Obama's executive orders, will it hurt the GOP?


"This is a huge gift for Democrats going into 2014."

Do you think suing the President for overstepping his authority could hurt the GOP?

Saturday, on TheBlaze Radio's "Cain & Cupp," Will Cain and S.E. Cupp discussed the announcement from Speaker John Boehner that he was considering filing a lawsuit against the President for allegedly exceeding his constitutional authority when it comes to administering the laws that Congress passes.

There were two separate questions posed:

1. Should Boehner sue President Obama because it's the right thing to do?

2. Should Boehner sue because it is "politically smart?"

While the hosts seemed to agree that the Speaker has the right to file the suit, they questioned the sense of doing it. Additionally, both appeared to think that it's not a good idea in the end.

Cain and Cupp wondered about the possible repercussions or backlash that could hit the GOP. S.E. Cupp was quite clear in her assessment, stating, "This is a huge gift for Democrats going into 2014."

Listen to the discussion on the topic of John Boehner filing suit against President Obama. The topic kicks off this week's show and runs until the 20:00 mark of the clip.

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Should John Boehner and the GOP be suing President Obama?

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