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Megyn Kelly Calls Out Bill Ayers in a Big Way During Highly Anticipated Interview: 'It’s in Your Book!\


"I didn't write that."

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Fox News host Megyn Kelly relentlessly grilled former Weather Underground leader Bill Ayers on his past terrorist activity in a highly-anticipated, confrontational interview that aired on Monday.

One of the most interesting moments came after Kelly confronted Ayers about the Weather Underground’s suspected involvement in the bombing of Judge John Murtaugh’s home in 1970. At the time, Murtaugh, who was judging a case involving the Black Panthers, was in the home with his 9-year-old son.

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When Ayers denied being involved in the bombing, Kelly read directly from a book written by Bill Ayers, Bernadine Dorhn and Jeff Jones called, “Sing a Battle Song.” Here’s the quote Kelly read after Ayers’ denial:

Two weeks before the townhouse explosion, four members of this group had firebombed Judge Murtagh’s house in New York as an action of support for the Panther 21, whose trial was just beginning.

To many people this was a very good action. Within the group, however, the feeling developed that because this action and not done netting to hurt the pigs materially it wasn’t very important.

“I didn’t write that,” Ayers said.

“It’s in your book!” Kelly replied.

“Which book?” Ayers said.

“It’s your book with Bernadine,” Kelly pressed.

Ayers ultimately argued the words must have come from an “autonomous group.” However, the statements are signed by Bernadine Dohrn on behalf of the Weather Underground, according to “Sing a Battle Song.”

Kelly also questioned Ayers about a botched bombing that killed his then-girlfriend and two others. The nail-filled bomb was supposed to be detonated at a dance hall filled with U.S. soldiers, but it ended up going off in a townhouse where the group was preparing for the attack. However, Ayers was quick to deflect responsibility for the attempted mass murder. He claimed a few members of the group wanted to go further than just “property damage” and plotted the military dance bombing. This included his girlfriend at the time. When Kelly confronted him over his apparent lack of remorse, Ayers shot back, “You want me to be remorseful for something I didn’t do.” Ayers repeated denied having any part in plots that resulted in people getting hurt, saying he only participated in “property damage.” “You realize people could’ve been hurt, you admitted it in the beginning,” Kelly said. "I realized people could’ve been hurt. Thank god they weren’t, but we made every attempt not to and they weren’t,” Ayers responded, later adding that what they did was “illegal” and “reckless.” On Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, Ayers said if he actually deserted his fellow soldiers in Afghanistan it was a “heroic thing to do.” Watch more from the Fox News interview:

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