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Woman Caught on Camera Brazenly Stealing Crosses From Couple's Porch in Middle of the Night


"It's almost like she's shopping..."

Image source: screengrab via KDFW-TV

It seems to be a case full of contradictions: she's wearing sunglasses at night while committing a crime in the pursuit of religious items.

The home security cameras of a Cleburne, Texas, couple caught a strange woman brazenly stealing crosses off of their front porch early Monday morning, KDFW-TV reported.

"It's almost like she's shopping, you know,” said Aleisha Jones, one of the homeowners. “She's looking, and, ‘Oh, do I want this one do I want that one do I want this one.’”

Image source: screengrab via KDFW-TV Image source: screengrab via KDFW-TV

Jones and her husband, Kevin, said they were missing four or five crosses from their front porch, along with a pair of their son's shoes.

Why anyone would so boldly nick religious paraphernalia — in front of plainly-visible cameras — baffled the family.

"Shocked!” said Jones. “The first thing that stuck out to me was the sunglasses on the head at 3:45 in the morning.”

Detectives are using the video to build a case, KDFW-TV reported, and the Joneses said they've already been getting tips on Facebook as to the suspect's possible identity.

"We sleep 10 feet from the front porch," Jones said, "and I just feel completely violated and scared.”

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