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Bestselling Author Brad Thor, Who Predicted NSA Spying Scandal and Controversial Prisoner Exchange, Shares What He Fears Is Next for America


"I'm very fearful that we could see..."

Author Brad Thor speaks on The Glenn Beck Program March 19, 2014. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)

After 9/11, New York Times bestselling author Brad Thor was one of a select group of individuals asked to assist the United States government in "war gaming" the next move of radical jihadists.

Why? Because he and other thriller writers had demonstrated an uncanny ability to predict events years before they occur. Thor warned of the NSA spying scandal in his book "Black List," and predicted the release of five of the most dangerous Guantanamo Bay detainees seven years ago in "The First Commandment."

So where does Thor believe we are headed next?

Author Brad Thor speaks on The Glenn Beck Program March 19, 2014. (Photo: TheBlaze TV) Author Brad Thor speaks on The Glenn Beck Program March 19, 2014. (File photo: TheBlaze TV)

Speaking on Glenn Beck's radio program Wednesday, Thor said he is concerned the United States may face a horrific terrorist attack within the next decade.

"What chilled me was Dick Cheney saying, within the next six years, he thinks we'll see an attack on American soil worse than 9/11," Thor said. "With two-thirds of our border agents changing diapers and trying to feed these children coming across the border, that doesn't leave many to guard a border that -- even at 100-percent strength -- people were still getting through."

Thor said enemies of the United States "exploit every opportunity to get bad actors into the country."

"We know Iran has a lot of bad actors in the country, agents in place, waiting to be activated, should in Iranians trigger them and tell them to activate," Thor said. "I'm very fearful that we could see some sort of terrorist attack in the United States. That's way I'm wired. I'm wired to look for that stuff."

Thor said the U.S. is particularly vulnerable because "we have projected a lot of weakness around the world."

"There is no domestic policy; there is no foreign policy," Thor said. "We are now on the run-out-the-clock phase with our president, and I spoke about this last night when I was on Megyn Kelly's show. I said a buddy of mine quit working in the intelligence arena because he had seen something pinned up in somebody's cubicle in an agency I won't name. But it said: 'Big ops, big problems. Small ops, small problems. No ops, no problems.'"

"That is not a good posture for the United States to be taking, and unfortunately, that's what we're doing around the world," Thor remarked.

You can watch Thor's complete interview with Beck, below.

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