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Dem Rep. Reveals the Phone Call He Received After Speaking Out Against Obama Over Border Crisis


"But notice what I’m doing: I’m still talking about it."

Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-Texas) revealed on Wednesday that he received a call from someone at the White House after he spoke out against the Obama administration over the current border crisis.

“A lot of times this administration gets angry when its own party speaks up and speaks out — ask Cory Booker about that. Have you gotten that call?” Fox News host Brian Kilmeade asked on “Fox and Friends.”

“Yes, I have,” Cuellar replied. “But let me just say that I’m more concerned not about who gets angry at me at the White House; I’m more concerned about my constituents who want to find a practical solution to this question that we’re facing down there at the border.”

When pressed to reveal who in the White House called him or what was said during the conversation, the Democrat was evasive.

“We’ll just leave it like that,” Cuellar said. “But notice what I’m doing: I’m still talking about it.”

Cuellar also slammed President Obama in a recent interview on MSNBC for planning to visit Texas for fundraisers without visiting the U.S. border, calling the commander-in-chief "aloof" and "detached."

"He's so close to the border. And let me say this: When I saw, and I hate to use the word bizarre, but under the circumstances, when he is shown playing pool in Colorado, drinking a beer, and he can't even go 242 miles to the Texas border, and plus, if he doesn't want to go down to the border, there's the Air Force Base where HHS is holding some of the young kids from the border," he said.

"He could at least make that trip to San Antonio, but again, border community leaders wants to see him down there on the border, and I think the optics and the substance of it is that he should show up at the border," he added.

(H/T: National Review)

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