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One Moment, They Were on Their Front Porch Filming Police Making Arrests — The Next Moment, All Hell Breaks Loose


"Unless you want me to take your phone from you..."


Dramatic cellphone video out of Petersburg, Virginia, shows just how quickly a situation can go sideways.

The video, obtained by WWBT-TV, shows 17-year-old JaQuan Fisher standing on his front porch filming police officers make several arrests. When an officer sees him recording, the chaotic altercation was set into motion.

“Unless you want me to take your phone from you,” and officer is heard saying moments before a wild struggle ensued.


"[The officer] came off the porch and said, 'You want me to take your phone?' I put my phone in my pocket and then when he tried to take my phone, I guess he thought he was going to get my phone and he shoved me. I shoved him back,” Fisher told WWBT-TV.

Then all hell broke loose, with a second officer responding to the physical altercation and seemingly spraying mace.

"They maced each other, too. He just started mace-ing everywhere," Debra Fisher, JaQuan’s mother, said.

At one point, another officer puts Fisher in a chokehold and tries to pull him over the railing of the front porch, bending his body backwards.

Watch the raw video:

NBC12.com - Richmond, VA News

Police were reportedly arresting several people from the house next door. One of the suspects being arrested was Fisher’s cousin, who reportedly advised him to start recording.

The Fisher family says they have a right to record officers from their property.

Citizens are permitted to video record police officers in public without consent as long as they don’t interfere with their official duties.

Police charged Fisher with two counts of felony assault on law enforcement, however, prosecutors dropped one of the charges and reduced the other to a misdemeanor. He pleaded guilty and a judge reportedly found his mom guilty of obstructing justice.

Watch WWBT-TV’s report here:

A similar incident involving the Petersburg Police Department apparently occurred roughly two months ago.

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