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When You See What Happened to This Hotel Valet Driving a Lamborghini, You'll Understand Why He Needs to Recover 'Psychologically


"We have given him leave."

Image source: YouTube

Valets at five-star hotels might enjoy having the privilege of driving cars costing hundreds of thousands of dollars, but no one was jealous of the driver who lost control of a Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder at an Indian hotel last week.

CCTV footage showed the car idling without issue behind other cars at the Le Meridian hotel on July 3. Then, suddenly, the Lamborghini zipped out, pushing another car out of the way before ending up at a concrete wall. It narrowly missed other valets in the process.

Image source: YouTube Image source: YouTube

Image source: YouTube Image source: YouTube

Making matters worse, the owner of the car wasn't even in town at the time. According to the Times of India, Abid Fateh Mohmmed Khatr was out of town on business and his cousins were using the vehicle.

"The car had been parked by valets a number of times before. Even that afternoon, the valet took the car to the parking safely and even brought it back to the porch area without any hassles," Nipun Mglani, a friend of Khatr, told the Times of India, speculating that this valet simply lost control.

Watch the footage of the accident:

The valet was taken to the hospital for injuries but discharged the same day.

As for damage to the car, that's a bit more extensive. The wreck is estimated to cost $330,000 to fix.

The valet might not be getting behind the wheel again any time soon as well.

"We have given him leave until such time that he recovers psychologically and till the time that the insurance claim and other processes clear through," a spokeswoman for the hotel told AFP. "We may not put him back on valet. We will give him time because he may get nervous initially."

(H/T: Yahoo Autos)

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