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He Pulled Over a Fellow Police Officer for Speeding. What Happened Next Had More Cops Rushing to the Scene.


"I don't care if you're a lieutenant or whoever you are..."

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It started simply enough: Miami police officer Marcel Jackson saw a car speeding, and after he chased it down for a few blocks the car pulled over.

But things quickly got crazy — and Jackson wound up suspended because of it, WPLG-TV reported.

Image source: screengrab via Image source: screengrab via WPLG-TV

"I stopped him... because he approached a pedestrian," Jackson said on a recorded phone call afterwards. "He was flying, so I pulled him over."

Jackson approached the vehicle and made contact with the driver.

Then the driver opened his door and started to get out — and a brawl began.

Image source: screengrab via Image source: screengrab via WPLG-TV

Other officers rushed to the scene to help with the altercation, dog piling the man who had been pulled over.

Image source: screengrab via WPLG-TV Image source: screengrab via WPLG-TV

After everyone was on the ground, the police realized that the man they had pummeled was one of their own: Lt. David Ramras.

"I'm like, 'Yo, I don't know who you are bro,'" Jackson said on the phone, possibly speaking with his supervisor. "You don't jump out on me. I don't care if you're a lieutenant or whoever you are."

Jackson said that Ramras had tried to pull rank on him, ordering him to go back to his car instead of issuing Ramras a speeding citation.

There's another twist to the story: the whole thing was caught on camera, but not because of police protocol.

Miami police do not have dash cams, WPLG reported; Jackson filmed the Ramras incident using his personal video camera.

It's unclear why Jackson decided to record the stop, or why he'd brought along his personal GoPro camera in the first place.

Fraternal Order of Police President Javier Ortiz responded to the scene upon the request of officers present, he told WPLG.

"Time will tell how this will play out," Ortiz told the news station. "I believe that Officer Jackson was acting in good faith when he pulled over Lt. Ramras. Once the contact was made between the officer and the lieutenant, that’s where things get sketchy."

According to WPLG, Jackson has been suspended with pay while the incident is investigated.

Ramras, on the other hand, has merely been reassigned within the police department, the station reported.

Watch the altercation here:

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