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Can You Spot the Kid Drowning in This Video Before the Lifeguard Does?


"I encourage you to use these videos as training tools"

(Source: YouTube)

It starts fairly benign: a slew of kids and others cooling off in a wavepool. Then, out of nowhere, a lifeguard jumps in and saves a child struggling to stay afloat. The video is starting to make the rounds. Amazingly, no one around the child seems to notice the kid in distress.

And that got us thinking: Can you spot the swimmer in distress before the lifeguard does?

Were you able to spot him first?

Details on the video are scarce. It was uploaded to YouTube last month under the account "Lifeguard Rescue," which has published numerous other videos from the same pool showing other rescues where the people around the struggling victim are oblivious.

Take a look at this one, which involves a young child and her mother. The video's description points out how the "husband" was clueless:

According to descriptions on other videos, the pool is a private water park and it seems the owner or manager has made it his mission to document such rescues to inform people. He vows they are not staged.

"I plan on uploading some of the active victim rescues I have recorded at my wave pool in the past few seasons," he says on one video uploaded last year.

In the end, the uploader wants the videos to be used as a tool:

I encourage you to use these videos as training tools to show new and returning guards what someone in distress or drowning looks like.

I play these videos at trainings and go over common problems in our pools and similar traits our guests exhibit when they are in trouble in the water. I also use them to have the guards tell me when they would go in for a rescue. I get some really great reactions.

Watch below for what he calls one of the best examples:

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