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Dana Loesch Breaks Down Why She 'Wholeheartedly' Supports Glenn Beck's Border Relief Effort


"You can be for helping children ... and still be all for sending them home."

Dana Loesch speaks on 'Dana' July 18, 2014. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)

Dana Loesch on Friday broke down why she "wholeheartedly" supports Glenn Beck's border relief effort in McAllen, Texas this Saturday, saying, "you can be for helping children ... and still be all for sending them home."

Loesch, speaking on TheBlaze TV's Dana, said she feels bad for the illegal immigrant children who are "being used as human shields by politicians, so that they can hide their amnesty behind them."

"It's shameful what their adult parents, what the adults around them, and what D.C. is allowing to happen down there," Loesch remarked. "I'll give you a sandwich, but I'll wave goodbye to you as the bus drives you home. I'm not for amnesty. I'm for private charity."

Loesch noted that some were critical of Beck's stance, accusing him of self-aggrandizement when he asked people to donate to Mercury One, the charity he founded, to support the effort.

Dana Loesch speaks on 'Dana' July 18, 2014. (Photo: TheBlaze TV) Dana Loesch speaks on 'Dana' July 18, 2014. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)

"The gospels also implore us to minister and to witness," Loesch said. "And the parable of the talents implores us to use that which we have been given by God to do good and glorify his name through our works, which includes using our talents and our platform to serve as good stewards of our fellow man."

"If the issue is Glenn Beck advertising for help with this effort," Loesch asked, "do they also find it offensive when celebrities promote wounded warriors? Do they find the Salvation Army offensive, when celebrities work with them? I mean, isn't the whole point of charity awareness and to raise funds to help?"

Loesch, who will be accompanying Beck to the border, said she understands the frustrations of those who were angered by the event, saying: "I get it. You feel like you cannot take it anymore from this administration. You feel overwhelmed. Every day there's a new headline: the NSA, the IRS, the EPA, the NEA, the BLM, the DOJ, the ICE, Benghazi, voter fraud, healthcare. The list goes on and on and you feel persecuted, and your patience for everything has run out. Fam, I feel you."

But Loesch said Americans cannot allow themselves to be overwhelmed by the issues of the day, the year, or even the administration.

"We are in a marathon. This isn't a sprint," she said. "It is a generational war, and the best thing that you can do is raise conservatives, outreach in your community, stay engaged, care for each other, and pray. Don't take your frustrations out on each other. It's exactly what they want."

Watch Loesch's complete monologue, below.

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