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Glenn Beck Blasts Major Media Outlet After It Got His Stance on an Issue Completely Wrong


"Nobody has asked me my opinion. But in case it matters to some journalists, here it is."

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Glenn Beck on Monday blasted Reuters after the news agency attributed words and actions to him that never happened. Though Reuters issued a correction to its story, Beck wanted to make it perfectly clear where he actually stands on the issue.

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The controversy all started in Massachusetts last week.

After the city of Salem opted out of a longstanding contract with a Christian college in response to the school’s rule banning “homosexual behavior” among students and faculty, Reuters reported that Beck was angry at the city.

Beck said he wasn't even aware of the story when Reuters printed that he was opposed to the city's decision.

"Nobody has asked me my opinion," Beck said. "But in case it matters to some journalists, here it is."

"I don't have anything bad to say about Salem or the mayor. Nothing. They can do business with whomever they choose," Beck said. "People of Salem, you choose whether that was a good decision or a bad decision the next time the mayor is up for election."

Beck said the town has a right not to do business with the school, and the college has a right to its religious beliefs.

"[It] may be unpopular, but that's what the First Amendment protects," Beck said. "Unpopular speech."

"You would think out of all the cities in America, Salem would understand," Beck concluded. "No more witch hunts led by the religious or the government. No more witch hunts. We don't have to agree on everything. But we do have to love and respect everybody."

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