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Glenn Beck Reveals New Details About 'We Will Not Conform' Event


"We're counting on the people in the audience."

Glenn Beck on Monday revealed new details about "We Will Not Conform," a live event tackling Common Core scheduled to air in over 600 theaters nationwide Tuesday at 8:00 p.m. ET.

Speaking with TheBlaze Radio's Doc Thompson and Skip LaCombe, Beck said the tickets are selling at "double the speed" of prior movie theater events his company has done. As a result, Beck said, the event may end up airing in over 650 movie theaters nationwide "after it's all said and done."

Glenn Beck Conform Image: We Will Not Conform

"Has anybody ever done an event this big like this, in this many theaters?" Thompson asked.

"Not that I know of," Beck responded. "I was just talking to Sean Hannity and he said he'd never heard of it. ... I think we had done maybe 400 theaters before."

Beck said that when participants leave the theater, there will be a website where they can download all of the information presented.

"This is meant to energize you, focus you," Beck said. "We've worked two years on this material, and at the end of the broadcast, there will be a website that will be finished -- because you're going to be voting on it, the audience is going to be voting on it -- it will be finished with all of the tools that we talk about."

"We're counting on the people in the audience," Beck added. "We have some new technology that we purchased for this. It'll be the only time in a movie theater where they say, 'Turn your cellphones on.'"

Beck said his company has had meetings with "state legislators, governors, teachers, teachers unions, you name it" for the past two years in an effort to determine the best way to repeal the wide-scale education standards.

"We have brought them all together in a working group and said, 'OK, how do you message this? How do you get this to teachers? How do you get teachers involved in this? How do you do all these things?' And we have put these working groups together, this is the final piece of the working group. … Each working group will present and say, 'OK, we think that it should go this way, but you in the audience decide, because you're the guys that are using it.'"

Beck encouraged theatergoers to "bring another concerned parent that doesn't think or vote the same way you do," saying the fight to repeal Common Core has been successful because it is uniting parents from the left and right.

"I love the synergy," Thompson concluded. "We're giving you information; we're all sharing ideas; and let's go do some good."

You can listen to the complete segment via TheBlaze Radio below (Beck's comments at around 20:20):

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