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Celebrity Fool,' 'Odious Pr**k': Simon Cowell Attacked on Social Media After Donation To Israel's Military Is Revealed


"Rude Jew Rat #SimonCowell Gives $150,000 to the IDF to Support Baby Killing"


A large charitable donation made in October of 2013 has sparked outrage in the social media world against American Idol and X-Factor's Simon Cowell.

Cowell reportedly gave $150,000 to the Friends Israel Defense Forces (FIDF) during a fundraiser held last fall in Los Angeles.

Simon Cowell at FIDF Gala Simon Cowell at FIDF Gala

Singer Lionel Richie and songwriter David Foster performed at the event that raised a staggering $20 million for the non-profit organization and, according to the Mirror, also included "six-figure donations" from "a number of TV, film and music execs."

The charity was established by holocaust survivors in 1981 and supports the men and women serving in the IDF as well as assisting the families of fallen Israeli soldiers.

Almost a month after the fundraiser, The Mirror wrote that the 54-year-old Cowell made the donation "to please pregnant girlfriend Lauren Silverman."

According to TheBlaze's Sharona Schwartz, the donation was not a secret. She stated, "the donation was widely reported -- at least in jewish/pro israel media -- when it happened."

A week ago, the website Truth Revolt posted a story that seems to have ignited some of the online anger against Cowell for his support of Israel's military. In a relatively short time, Twitter erupted with angry and insulting tweets.

Some were innocent enough.

A few of the Twitter slams attempted to make a point using humor.

However, many were angry and lacking any kind of filter.

TheBlaze has reached out to Simon Cowell's representatives for comment. If we receive a statement, we will add it to this story.


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