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GoPro Video Captures the Moment a 'Careless Tailgater' Gets Served a Dose of 'Instant Justice


"This j***off was riding right on your a**!"

A video posted online shows a driver receive a dose of "instant justice" for allegedly tailgating a bicyclist in Illinois last month.

The footage, posted by YouTube user Kevin Selagea, was widely circulated Thursday after it climbed to the front page of Reddit. The video captures the moment a Skokie police officer pulls over a "careless tailgater."

"This jackoff was riding right on your ass!" the unidentified officer shouts toward the bicyclist after making the stop.

"I know, I saw him right in my mirror," the bicyclist replies.

"You want me to do something about it?" the officer asks.

"Give him a ticket, because I almost fell too," the bicyclist responds.

"I will," the cop says. "I'll put your name on it."

In the ensuing moments, the officer can be heard questioning the driver.

"You don't care?" he says. "OK, let me see your license and registration."

The officer then dismisses the bicyclist, telling him he will take care of the situation.

A spokesperson for the Skokie Police Department was not available for comment Thursday evening when reached by phone. TheBlaze was also unable to make contact with Selagea.

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