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Does This Picture of a Sunset Show the 'Face of God'?


" could also be Sean Connery or Karl Marx."

A man's amateur picture of a U.K. sunset that some are calling the "face of God" has inspired the faithful, while also sparking some skepticism over whether the image was Photoshopped.

The picture, which was snapped by a man named Jeremy Fletcher as he recently took an early evening stroll in Norfolk County, England, appears to show clouds in the form of what looks like a human face, reported Christian Today.

What's perhaps most stunning is that the bright image appears in the midst of an array of dark clouds, causing it to patently stand out.

"Everyone who lives here knows Norfolk is a bit special and now it seems to have been confirmed from above," Charles Joyce, a local Norfolk government official, told the Daily Mail.

But while many wonder whether the image is a sign from the Almighty, Fletcher, 56, who said he is not a religious person, isn't entirely convinced.

"I realized the image looked remarkably like a face of a man with a beard so I took a number of shots on my phone. The face appeared to be looking back towards the shore," he told the Daily Mail. "The obvious comment is that it looks like God but it could also be Sean Connery or Karl Marx."

While some outlets have noted that there is skepticism surrounding the authenticity of the photo, cloud experts told the U.K.'s Daily Express that it's not entirely uncommon for shapes and likenesses to be seen in the skies.

Through the phenomenon of crepuscular rays, sunlight makes it way through the clouds and oft-times creates some fascinating designs.

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(H/T: Christian Today)


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