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The first accident at this intersection is stunning. The second will leave you speechless.


This could be one of the most dangerous intersections in the world.

First, a scooter barely paused before zooming out into oncoming traffic where it was hit and run over by not one but two speeding cars.

Image source: YouTube Image source: YouTube

Then, a person, standing on the opposite side of the road with what appeared to be a bike carrying a cart with a full load, crossed the road to investigate the status of the scooter's driver. As the traffic pattern had changed, this person was narrowly missed by other cars zipping by, but seemed to make it to the median unscathed. That was until a left-turning truck careened directly into them.

Image source: YouTube Image source: YouTube

Watch the stunning double accident:

It is unclear when or where exactly this incident happened, but the footage has been making its rounds on the Web this week.

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