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Doctor: There is 'no question' Obama administration is putting America's health at risk in illegal immigration crisis


Reporting indicates that some in the medical community are growing increasingly concerned over the health threat posed by the wave of humanity coming into the country illegally on the southern border.  Tuberculosis, Swine flu, scabies and epidemic levels of lice are just a few of the imports coming over the border with Central American children and adults.  Team Obama has worked very hard to keep the details secret from the American people, even threatening the prosecution to healthcare workers who dare to tell the truth.

Appearing on the Chris Salcedo Show, Dr. Elaina George, a board certified otolaryngologist, said she's very concerned about the threat to public health as a result of the Obama administration's handling of the illegal immigration crisis.   The Princeton University graduate also said that Americans all over the country will begin seeing reports of infections in local schools districts once classes resume in the fall, as illegal immigrant children are placed into America's classrooms.

Most damming is the administration's secretiveness over the placement of these children and just how many are coming into America with illnesses.  Also alarming is the fact that many of the illegal immigrants are being transported all over the U.S. using commercial planes and buses.  The general public may have been exposed to disease and not even know it.  Dr. George says there is, "no question," that Mr. Obama and his cohorts in government are putting American's health at risk.  She simply wants to know why.

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