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Do Nothing Congress?' House Passed More Than 350 Bills That Sit on Harry Reid's Desk, Says Congresswoman


"We are calling on Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to get off his self-constructed throne, roll up his sleeves, and get back to work."

Image: MSNBC

According to many liberal media outlets, the House of Representatives has been a complete failure. Hosts and guests on various MSNBC programs frequently call this the "Do Nothing Congress," while slamming the GOP leadership for the lack of bills being passed.

Is this an accurate portrayal?

Image: MSNBC Image: MSNBC

Al Sharpton and Ed Schultz have repeatedly bludgeoned their viewers with statistics and charts claiming that this Congress has been the least productive legislative body in America's history.

However, according to Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.), the House has passed a bevy of bills that are sitting on Harry Reid's desk in the Senate.

How many bills? Blackburn told TheBlaze that 356 bills made it through the House and are languishing in the Senate.

Additionally, according to the congresswoman, 98 percent of those bills were passed with bipartisan support. She also pointed out that 200 of the bills were passed in the House with unanimous support from the entire chamber and more than 100 were passed with 75% support of House Democrats.

To make her point that the House is working, but the Senate is where the obstruction exists, Blackburn printed all of the bills that the House has passed and stacked them on a desk with a Harry Reid nameplate.  She took a photo standing next to the pile of bills and posted it on her Twitter account. (When Blackburn started this campaign, 332 bills had been passed. At press time, that had number increased to 356.)

Even Speaker Boehner tweeted about the mountain on bills that have been relegated to the back burner by Reid, calling it a "Sharknado" of House-passed bills.

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