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'Jesse Who?': Blaze Readers React to ‘Lone Survivor’ Marcus Luttrell Responding to Jesse Ventura’s Lawsuit Against Chris Kyle Like Only He Can


"I still don’t understand how he can be awarded $1.8 million just because somebody wrote in a book that he punched him. That is way beyond any kind of reason."

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TheBlaze posted a story earlier this week about former U.S. Navy SEAL and “Lone Survivor” author Marcus Luttrell’s response to Jesse Ventura’s $1.8 million legal victory against “American Sniper” Chris Kyle’s estate.

Luttrell posted memes featuring Ventura with captions such as “I sue wives of fallen heroes.”

Image source: Facebook Image source: Facebook


Ventura originally sued Kyle for defamation. But after Kyle died in 2013, instead of dropping the suit Ventura pressed on — and a jury awarded recently awarded Ventura $1.8 million in damages.

Here's what some readers of TheBlaze had to say about the issue:


Love and respect our troops. Past, present, and future. But occasionally, you get reminded that some who've served never got the first principle of Military service: Honor.

I “get” that Jesse Ventura felt “slighted.” Whether true or not, I don’t know. I don’t fault Jesse for filing the suit when Chris was alive. Chris would have had the opportunity to defend himself in a court of law. However, Chris was killed before he could defend himself. At that point, Jesse should have dropped the suit. That would have been the honorable way for Jesse to respond to the new situation.

But no, Jesse went forward with the lawsuit in the attempt to raid the estate of Chris Kyle and take assets from his widow and children. Let me ask this question: Is that the honorable thing that a man, much less a member of an elite group of United States Warriors, should do? I think not.

Ventura said that he has suffered irreparable damage to his reputation among the community of the United States Navy SEAL Teams; past, present and future. I suggest that he risked that damage long beforehand. And, if you will excuse the expression, SEALed the deal, by taking the money.

If he really felt that this was all about “reputation,” he would accept the verdict, but not the money.

Jesse Ventura has no concept of HONOR.


Lol Luttrel that was funny. He should have posted one that says, “I don’t normally sue widows but when I do they’re widows of fallen heroes.”


Jesse who?

May he long be remembered….by no man, and perhaps the worms and bugs who will eventually devour his rotting flesh.

There is a day that will surely come when we each will stand in judgment for that which we chose to do in mortality. Please let me not be one who will be found guilty of robbing a widow or a fatherless child from what was left in their hands to care for their needs. As I have studied past civilizations that were destroyed or led into captivity, this was certainly one of the great abominations found among them: they failed to care for the needs of the widows and fatherless. How much greater a sin to take from their very mouths and hands, that which was given for their sustenance and provision.


I thank all involved for their service! But I wonder why Chris would lie about King Jesse Ventura. What was the basis for such a younger Kyle bragging about KO'ing a much older man? The big SEAL hero using using a fabrication to embellish his self image is disturbing to say the least. The jury saw the evidence. Their opinion is the only one that counts. That the guys here would support Kyle in the face of the facts, I respect your loyalty to Kyle but Jesse will pay his dues as he always has one way or the other.


No doubt our legal system encourages excessive litigation of the wrong kind for unnecessarily large amounts, all to the benefit of the legal class and the detriment of everyone else.

The civil and criminal justice systems are broken. Eternal values, including those reflected in the U.S. Constitution, have been discarded for the meaningless, the self-centered. Since about 1920 lawyers have been trained on the basis of case law rather than the constitution and its principles. In this way the law is further dissociated from God.

Given that, Chris Kyle made the mistake of identifying Jesse Ventura as the person described anonymously in his book. Certainly this was contrary to the advice of counsel and his publisher. In doing so he made himself vulnerable to legal attack by the unscrupulous.

Ventura made the moral and ethical mistake of pressing his lawsuit, no doubt believing that he needed the money more than the inner peace of knowing that he had made the love-based decision.


I still don’t understand how he can be awarded $1.8 million just because somebody wrote in a book that he punched him. That is way beyond any kind of reason.


If you were a former Navy SEAL and someone you’ve never met said the following on a national radio program “He said Navy SEALs deserve to lose a few so I punched him out,” wouldn’t you want to prove beyond a doubt in a court of law that didn’t happen?


I live in Minnesota and did not vote for Jesse. He embarrassed us and himself long before he left office. He never ran for a second term because he would have lost due to his many loudmouthed never-thought-out comments. Now he has embarrassed himself again.


Right or wrong (I wasn’t there) Jesse has damaged his reputation so badly his name will be mud from now on. He will never have any respect from the military, especially the SEALs. They most likely wouldn’t cross the street to help this man if he was burning alive. He won the suit and $1.8 million, but at what cost? He’s lost his reputation and will receive no respect, and people will snicker and talk about him behind his back for the rest of of his life.


Amazing how everyone ignores the facts. Ventura sued Kyle BEFORE his death. The lawsuit was against Kyle’s estate, not the widow. Kyle’s wife will pay ZERO; it is all being covered by the book publisher’s insurance. The stories of Kyle’s witnesses didn’t match up, and Ventura had actual evidence, receipts, proving he wasn’t at the bar during the time. He had Navy SEALs defend him, saying he wasn’t there. Kyle lied to sell his book. But you’ll still ignore the facts. Kyle was given a chance to retract his lies to end the lawsuit, and refused. NONE of the facts are on your side


Whether the charges were true or not, Jesse Ventura did more to tarnish his image and reputation by continuing the lawsuit against Chris Kyle’s widow than could ever have been done by any book.


Sorry – I am going to have to buck the crowd here.

As much as I really have no opinion about Jessie’s character — the PRINCIPLE of the deal is what I am talking about.

We all say – FOLLOW THE RULE OF LAW — but then do we say, “Unless it doesn’t suit our ideas"?

Jessie was doing what he believed to be true and FOLLOWED THROUGH on it until the end. Then a COURT found him the winner of the claim.

Sorry if it didn’t fit the mold of what we believe is just and right. And it looked sleazy and cheap — but it's the LAW, and the LAW held up here.

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