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Glenn Beck Urges Americans to Consider Whether Key Issues Are 'Critical' or 'Political


"We have to stop this bickering and be honest with one another, and acknowledge a few simple truths."

Glenn Beck speaks on his television program August 4, 2014. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)

Glenn Beck on Monday urged Americans to consider whether a number of issues are "critical" or "political," saying people on both sides of the aisle "have to stop this bickering and be honest with one another, and acknowledge a few simple truths."

Beck highlighted a number of issues that have dominated the news cycle in recent months, including income inequality, "workplace fairness," and the Hobby Lobby ruling, asking if they are "critical" or "political."

He pulled up a number of President Obama's tweets, like, "you shouldn't be fired because of who you love," and responded: "Is there anyone who disagrees with this?"

"Is there anyone who thinks that you should be fired because you're gay or straight?" Beck asked. "I don't know a single soul who thinks that's right. And if it's happening, are people being fired ... at such a clip that the president needs to make this one of our defining issues of the age?"

Beck pulled up another tweet from the president that read: "I want my daughters paid the same as your sons for doing the same jobs."

Beck commented: "This is a political stunt ... because nobody disagrees with that."

And Beck said that claiming Hobby Lobby is waging a "war on women" because they cover 16 of the FDA’s 20 approved forms of contraception is advancing "political interests," not our "national values."

"This is all about money," Beck said. "Money and power. And you get more money and you get more power by driving the wedge further and deeper down."

Beck said "we all want justice, we all want mercy," and we can solve the problems that we have if we can agree on what is actually a critical issue, and what is political.

"Then we can start looking at the real war on women," Beck said. "Let's compare the war on women in America ... to the war on women in China ... or the war on women living in the Middle East and in Africa."

Beck asked what is truly a "war on women" -- not having someone else pay for your birth control, or being forced to have an abortion, or undergo female genital mutilation?

Glenn Beck speaks on his television program August 4, 2014. (Photo: TheBlaze TV) Glenn Beck speaks on his television program August 4, 2014. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)

"[FGM] happens to 130 million women worldwide," Beck said. "In Egypt, harassment is practically a given. The U.N. reports that 99.3% of women experience sexual harassment. In Syria, thousands of women have been targeted by both the government forces and the rebel groups. They're being raped; they're being used as human shields; they're being arrested without cause. They're tortured; they're kidnapped; they're murdered."

"That's a war on women," Beck said. "And that's one we can unite on, both left and right."

Beck added that "the staunchest DOMA supporter and the staunchest GLAAD supporter" can link arms against the treatment of gays in places like Iran, where homosexuals are routinely tortured, sent to prison, and executed.

And he decried those who claim Israel is engaging in genocide against the Palestinians, noting that the population of of Gaza has steadily increased over the years.

"We have to stand united on just a really simple principle: no genocide for any people," Beck said. "But let's stop throwing around the word 'genocide' if it doesn't apply. Because it's not happening there. This is a war, and it's awful ... but crying genocide in war stops people from actually listening to the cry of genocide when it's real."

Beck asked why Americans on the left and the right can't work together to end real genocide, saying we will extend aid "to all people that want peace and to live in harmony."

"Are we really attacking the things that matter?" Beck asked. "Are we attacking critical issues or political ones? ... When we put our values before our political interests, we'll be OK and we'll be able to come together. And I suggest that we are the people to begin that march towards real justice, real mercy, and real reconciliation."

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