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What other countries think of the United States: most of Africa likes, most of the Middle East doesn't


What do other countries think of the United States? That question was part of a recent Pew poll, and was also a topic Saturday on the first episode of The Jeff Fisher Show on TheBlaze Radio Network.

Some highlights that Fisher noted: Egypt and Jordan have 85% unfavorable views of the United States, Turkey has a 73% unfavorable view and Russia has a 71% unfavorable view.

But Fisher has a theory as to why. "If you don't think that the world is looking for us to be the leaders we were in the past, look at that," said Fisher. "Of course they are."

Meanwhile, many African countries have a very positive view of the U.S. --  80% in Kenya, 77% in Ghana and 75% in Tanzania.

Listen here:

This conversation starts at 44:00 - other topics include TSA profiling, Walmart, Ebola and more.

So what do you think? You can listen to all "The Jeff Fisher Show" on TheBlaze Radio here.

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