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Pro-Gun Children's Book Explodes in Popularity After Being Ridiculed by Bill Maher, Stephen Colbert


"Germany, Australia, China ran a story on it..."


"My Parents Open Carry," a children's book written by Brian Jeffs and Nathan Nephew in 2011, exploded in popularity this week after being ridiculed by comedians Bill Maher and Stephen Colbert.

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"What a beautiful bedtime story," Colbert said sarcastically of the book. "The world is full of maniacs who want to hurt you and the police can't help. Goodnight, honey!"

The co-authors appeared on The Glenn Beck Program Thursday to discuss the craze, saying that since Maher and Colbert discussed the book, they've gotten interview requests from around the world.

"Germany, Australia, China ran a story on it," Jeffs remarked, adding that they've soared up the Amazon bestseller list, as well.

The two said the book is best for ages 12 and up, though they've gotten positive feedback from parents reading it to their five-year-old children.

"Nobody's too young to learn about the Second Amendment and rights and self-defense," Jeffs remarked.

"We really wanted it as a platform, a place to start with a discussion about gun safety, gun rights, the Second Amendment," Jeffs added. "All of those things are covered in this book. It's not just about open carry."

Nephew said they hoped to "bring gun ownership out of the closet" with their book. "More people than you could imagine are carrying guns right now," he said.

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