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Pianist Gives Airport Travelers a Treat With Different Take on a Beethoven Classic

Image source: YouTube

Hearing the same song over and over again can get grating. Add having to be in an airport on top of that and you might just get pushed over the edge.

But while this would likely prove to be an unpleasant experience in most cases, one musician tackled the situation in such a way that he actually provided entertainment for travelers waiting for a flight in Prague.

Maan Hamadeh might have tickled the ivories to the tune of Beethoven's Fur Elise for more than two minutes, but he kept changing up the style, showing that the song doesn't always have to carry its typically classic tune.

Image source: YouTube Image source: YouTube

Watch Hamadeh go (Note: if you stick around after he finishes with Fur Elise, Hamadeh moves on to some variations of tunes from the movie "Titanic"):

Hamadeh's captive audience gave him a collective round of applause.

(H/T: Reddit)

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