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Worried about Ebola in America? One prominent doctor thinks bringing the patients here was a mistake


"Ebola is a strand of genetics wrapped in a protein envelope."

  • Did you know that the deadly Ebola virus has been around for 10,000 or more years?
  • Were you aware that fruit bats in Africa carry the virus, but it doesn't seem to bother them?
  • Do you know why the virus was named "Ebola?"


On the latest edition of TheBlaze Radio's "Pure Opelka," the topic of the Ebola virus was in the spotlight.

Dr. Jorge Rodriguez spent time with Mike, discussing the realities of Ebola, its history and its potentially very scary effects on humans -- especially if there is an outbreak in America.

Rodriguez, who has been working with HIV and the hepatitis C virus for almost 30 years, said that he is not afraid of those two viruses…but the Ebola virus scares him "quite a bit." When asked to explain viruses, Rodriguez defined them as "a strand of genetics wrapped in a protein envelope."

Despite being frightened of the Ebola virus, Rodriguez retains a positive outlook about our ability to unlock the puzzle of the deadly, single-strand virus.

In the second segment, Dr. Jorge talks about the potential to create a shot to immunize people from Ebola and how long it might take doctors to create and thoroughly test a vaccine.

The two segments with Dr. Jorge start at the 11:00 portion of podcast.

More information on Dr. Jorge and his new book, "The Diabetes Solution" can be found on


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