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A California Man Claims He Captured Bigfoot on Video — but Can You Spot What He Saw?


“I don’t think it’s a bear, it doesn’t look like a bear to me.”

(Source: YouTube)

A Lake Tahoe, California, man out on a long boarding ride recently is getting attention for what he says he captured on video: Bigfoot.

But before we go any further, let's see if you can spot what he saw, because it took us awhile to see what he was seeing:

So did you catch it? Go back and look around the four-second mark and then again at nine-second mark. On the very left side of the screen, a shadowy figure appears. That, folks, is what he's calling Bigfoot.

Here's what he's talking about:

(Source: YouTube) (Source: YouTube)

It's hard to believe, but that's it. Other possible explanations: a tree, a shadow, a bear, an optical illusion or of course a hoax.

Cryptozoology News, which is a website that documents the paranormal, noted the breakdown from the YouTube channel that published the video (originally sent by a user who goes by the name "Couch Potato").

“The dark area in the bush was something that we noticed. Couch Potato didn’t say anything about it when he contacted us. I don’t know if it is the supposed creature or not. Who knows if it is legitimate or not," the owner of the YouTube channel The Paranormal Review told said in a separate video. "He says it is a GoPro that he got the video with, so it would be pretty wide angle and I can understand him not seeing the thing that is there until looking later."

He continued, addressing the hoax possibility:

"Whether or not that’s true, I don’t know, this could be a hoax, but most hoax videos we have seen in the past…they are looking at this creature for like 20 seconds and they are just standing there ‘what is this, what is this”. In this case, they are not trying to draw attention to it, it’s just standing there for a brief second…so that makes me believe that is not a hoax,” he said about the footage. “I don’t think it’s a bear, it doesn’t look like a bear to me.”

Here's the breakdown, which has plenty of skepticism (but also says it's either "real" or a "misidentification"):

According to the article, the outlet cut down about seven minutes of footage, which was captured on a GoPro.

It's probably safe to file this under "nothing to see here," since literally there's almost nothing to see. But now if you catch the story circulating the Internet, at least you know the full story.

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