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Glenn Beck Says World War III Is at the End of the Highway and We Have 'Missed All the Exits
Glenn Beck speaks on his television program August 11, 2014. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)

Glenn Beck Says World War III Is at the End of the Highway and We Have 'Missed All the Exits

"The caliphate is here."

Glenn Beck on Monday warned that "we have missed all the exits," and World War III is at the end of the highway.

Beck took his audience back 15 years to all of the predictions he has made, starting with his warning in 1999 that Osama bin Laden posed an enormous threat to the United States.

"I talked about a guy [Osama bin Laden] -- I couldn't even pronounce his name," Beck recalled on his television program. "I got so frustrated at one point at a caller, I said, 'Look, within the next ten years, this guy is going to rain blood and bodies and buildings in the streets of New York. Will you then wake up?'"

Beck said "we could have done something," but after 9/11, it was "too late."

He said the same thing about a number of other predictions. Before the housing market collapsed, Beck said he begged his audience not to take out loans they couldn't afford. Before the banking crisis, he also begged his audience to safeguard their money.

"It was right around here that I started saying, 'This is a highway; these are off-ramps,'" Beck said. "There are things on the horizon and if you don't get off here, or here, or here ... at some point we run out of road."

Glenn Beck speaks on his television program August 11, 2014. (Photo: TheBlaze TV) Glenn Beck speaks on his television program August 11, 2014. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)

In 2011, Beck warned that Islamists were seeking to re-build the caliphate, and that radical leftists and radical Islamists would unite to collapse the western world.

"I believe we're at the end of the highway. This is it," Beck said. "The caliphate is here. We are headed towards World War III ... [and] I don't know how to tell you not to get there because we've missed all of the exits. We are headed for massive European anti-Semitism. ... We're headed for a collapse beyond our understanding because we got off the gold standard."

Beck said that over the weekend, Russia and China took yet another step to cut the U.S. dollar out of their transactions.

"Which side do you think China has just picked? They've picked Russia," Beck said. "Which side is Russia on when it comes to the caliphate? Oh, that's right, Iran and Syria. What side are we on? Saudi Arabia. Gee, that puts America in the position of World War II."

Beck said in World War II, America faced communism and fascism and, though we didn't like either system of governing, we decided to "cozy up to the communists" because we liked them more than the Nazis.

"It's almost like, who do you want to cozy up to? You've got Iran running a caliphate, or you have Saudi Arabia. Well, we really don't like Iran, but we kinda like Saudi Arabia," he remarked. "It's World War II all over again."

Beck said he thought all weekend about "how to get out of this," but he's "already said it all." He said the only thing his audience can do is embody "gospel principles."

"That's it," Beck said. "Live like Jesus. Live like Gandhi. I don't care who your model is. Live like Buddha ... What you have to be is the impact zone. You have to be the parachute. You have to be the one that helps society absorb what's coming."

"If we don't stand, and stand together, across all political parties, all lines, all classes, and we just help each other, and we exercise the human heart ... if we don't do that, I don't know if we survive," he concluded. "I don't know who does, but the world is about to change."

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