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The 'Disturbing' Message a Missouri News Crew Found Outside a Business After Protests, Looting Spree in Missouri


"Very disturbing."

(Source: KTVI screen shot)

A local news crew captured a disturbing image scrawled in black spray paint outside a Ferguson, Missouri, business after protests turned into violence and looting over the shooting death of an unarmed teen in the city.

"The only good cop is a dead cop," the message read, according to KTVI-TV. The anchor called it "very disturbing."

(Source: KTVI-TV) (Source: KTVI-TV)

KTVI says nearly 20 stores have been vandalized in the looting spree.

Early Monday afternoon KTVI removed a video it had previously posted about the vandalism.

Facebook user Jeanne Marie Hawkins posted video of what appears to be looting at a Shoe Carnival store in the area:

Police say 18-year-old Michael Brown was shot numerous times Saturday after an incident involving a police officer.

You can see our full coverage of the incident and the aftermath in our previous stories.

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