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What These Two Cops Are About to Do With These Kids Has Them All Over the News


A little differnet than what you'd expect.

(Source: KSHB-TV screen shot)

J. Krebs is a rookie cop with the Kansas City, Missouri, Police Department. And just a short time into his career his face is already being plastered all over the news -- for all the right reasons.

See, Krebs and his partner, Officer Smith, pulled over in a local neighborhood when they saw a group of kids. That's when Smith offered the children some Jolly Ranchers if they would participate in a dance-off with the 26-year-old Krebs. They obliged. And a neighbor was there to capture it all on video:

"When I joined the police force I told them I wanted to build rapport with the community because I feel like if we build rapport with them then they are more likely to call us when they need us," Krebs told KSHB-TV.

“He was pretty fun. I’m glad that he’s not like showing us that cops can be bad but also cops can be cool to little kids,” Natalie Garcia, who recorded the encounter, told WDAF-TV.

As for the police department, they posted the video on their Facebook page and suggested they could "start including dancing as a course at the Academy."

Kansas City police officer have shown recently that they take their responsibility as community ambassadors seriously -- or not so seriously. Last month, three officers from the force gained national attention when they stopped in a local neighborhood to play basketball with three kids. A neighbor also captured that encounter on video to the delight of many.

(H/T: CNN)

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