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Where does all wealth and economic growth come from? This simple but powerful video explains it in under six minutes


So easy even Washington can understand it.

What is the most essential ingredient in wealth creation and economic growth? Why do some economies grow while others contract? Why are some resource-rich countries poor while others with little resources are rich? What separates man today from the cave man of yesteryear?

George Gilder, President Reagan’s most quoted living authorpioneer of supply-side economics, venture capitalist, and founder of the futurist Discovery Institute has an answer to all of these questions: Knowledge.

(Image Source: Youtube screengrab) (Image Source: Youtube screengrab)

Several months back we covered his 2013 book, "Knowledge and Power," in which Gilder explains his revolutionary information theory of capitalism and why at its root, knowledge and surprise -- which require a stable medium in individual liberty, property rights, minimal regulation, a sound currency, etc. -- are the keys to innovation and thus growth.

But in the below short video, Gilder provides the key insights into his theory of capitalism and economic growth in a simple but compelling and intuitive package, far more easy to grasp than any economic tome.

While we still wholeheartedly recommend Gilder's "Knowledge and Power," this short video serves as a great introduction to the book, and one you can easily share with friends and family.

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