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New Video Sheds Light on Incident That Left Man Dead After He Repeatedly Rammed a Police Car


“You’ll do what I tell you. My word is law.”

Image via LiveLeak

Video posted to LiveLeak Wednesday sheds added light on the Aug. 4 Albuquerque, New Mexico, incident in which a man was shot and killed after repeatedly ramming a police car and another vehicle, as the Albuquerque Journal reported.

Image via LiveLeak Image via LiveLeak

The video shows the man, driving a red pickup, sideswipe an incoming police car.

Image via LiveLeak Image via LiveLeak

The police car stops, and the pickup circles back and rams again.

The man in the pickup gets out, and while there is no audio, the man can be seen staggering and falling to the ground.

It appears to be the moment he is shot by the officer trapped in the police car.

Image via LiveLeak Image via LiveLeak

The details behind the shooting are murky.

According to the Journal, the incident was preceded by an argument in a gas station convenience store, where the pickup driver was allegedly arguing with a pair of women.

At one point, the man allegedly told one of the women, “You’ll do what I tell you. My word is law.”

According to the 911 calls made shortly thereafter, the man attempted to force one of the women into his truck, and when the pair fled in another car, he followed and rammed them.

They got out and he allegedly tried to run them over.

“That’s when the deputy arrived and the suspect rammed the driver’s door of the deputy’s car," Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Sgt. Aaron Williamson told the Journal. "After ramming the vehicle a second time, the suspect got out of his pickup truck, at which point the deputy, trapped in the vehicle, fired at least once and hit the suspect.”

The man was declared dead soon afterwards at the University of New Mexico Hospital, while the deputy apparently suffered only minor injuries.

It's the latest in a string of police-involved shootings in the Albuquerque area.

As the Journal reported:

Williamson said this was the first fatal shooting by a Bernalillo County sheriff’s deputy this year, and he believes there might have been one in 2012 but could not recall the specifics.

Albuquerque Police Department officers have shot and killed 27 people since 2010, triggering a Department of Justice investigation that found a pattern of using unjustified levels of force.

State Police were involved in three fatal shootings in Santa Fe and Española in the past year, and one in Albuquerque. And a deputy U.S. marshal shot and killed a suspect in July.

Watch the frightening encounter below (content warning: disturbing violence)

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