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‘Does Anything You Say Actually Matter?’: Dana Perino Goes Off on Liberal Co-Host to the Point She Has to Be Censored on Live TV


"This is like the weirdest academic exercise that we are having this week."


Dana Perino clashed with her fellow “The Five” host Bob Beckel on Friday, getting so animated at one point that she had to be censored for saying the “b-word.”

The two were debating how much responsibility President Barack Obama has for helping reelect Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki in 2010 and the following rise of ISIS militants in the country.

Beckel said it’s not all Obama’s fault because the Iraqi military is “gutlessly running with our equipment” instead of fighting ISIS terrorists. He also called al-Maliki a “crook” and “bum.” When Perino asked Beckel if he thought Obama helped al-Maliki get reelected, he said, “No, you guys said it was a fair and open election.”

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Beckel repeated asked “where” al-Maliki actually came from and when he was introduced in Iraq, leading Perino to snap at him.

“This is like the weirdest academic exercise that we are having this week,” she said. “Why? Because, does anything you’re saying actually matter?”

Perino went on to say that she agrees with Beckel that the Iraqi military is “not up to par,” but the fact remains that ISIS terrorists are overrunning the country.

It was at this point that the show’s audio was completely muted.

Blogger SooperMexican has the video via Fox News:

Perino later revealed that she used the “b-word” as a verb.

(H/T: Mediaite)

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