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CNN Anchor Don Lemon's Live TV Interview With Rapper Goes Completely Off the Rails: 'Let Me Finish!


"We live in a world that is run by white supremacy..."


CNN anchor Don Lemon powered through a very combative interview on Thursday with rapper Talib Kweli, who threatened to walk off the set more than once. The rapper expressed his anger over a number of things, including what he sees as CNN going along with a “white supremacy” narrative and Lemon neglecting to greet him when he arrived for the interview.

Things started to get tense after Kweli criticized a story on CNN’s website that apparently states the scene was calm during protests in Ferguson, Missouri, until bottles were thrown at police. He argued that he was on the ground and that wasn’t the way it happened.

When Lemon defended the network’s Ferguson coverage, Kweli said CNN may have good intentions but “we live in a world that is run by white supremacy” and that narrative is taking over in media reports.


As Lemon tried to address the allegations he was making, Kweli refused to be interrupted and even threatened to walk off the set if he wasn’t allowed to finish his point. "Let me finish," he said repeatedly.

Eventually, the rapper argued that CNN’s headline should read: “It’s calm until the cops agitated the people.”

“That’s what you saw from your position,” Lemon replied. “You’re not seeing everything that’s going on.”

Kweli was also apparently offended that Lemon “didn’t even have the decency to greet” him when he arrived for the interview, so the two spent some time arguing about that, too.

Watch the tense interview via CNN:

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